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TIPS FOR BETTER SLEEP14 Tips For Better Sleep

Over 50% of Americans report having regular sleep problems. However, very often, you can overcome these issues by following some simple tips for better sleep.

What you do before you go to bed can be critical to you getting a good night’s sleep. Read on to discover how you can develop a routine that’ll help you feel fresh and restored when you wake each morning.

Tips for Better Sleep – Body

  1. Dim the Lights. Your body is designed to react to daylight, and having a light on at night will make you produce alertness-increasing hormones. Darkness has the opposite effect, so dim the lights and turn off the TV at least one hour before sleeping.
  2. Take It Easy. Doing exercise or exciting activities late at night can keep you awake. Try gentler activities such as reading or a craft in the evenings.
  3. Be Careful What You Consume. Some foods and drinks will allow for good sleep; others will not. Try a light protein or healthy carbohydrate snack, a glass of milk, or a cup of chamomile tea. Avoid heavy foods, caffeine, and alcohol before bed.
  4. Use Fragrances. Lavender has been used for generations to overcome insomnia. Try placing a lavender plant beside your bed or sprinkling a few drops of lavender oil inside your pillowcase. Using vanilla oil has a similar effect.
  5. Massage Yourself. Massaging yourself will relax you and help you get a good night’s sleep. Rub one foot with the other, massage each finger from its base to tip, and knead your palms with your opposite hand’s thumb.
  6. Get Warmed-Up. Going to bed feeling cold does not make for good rest. A better sleep tip is to warm up with a hot bath or warm blanket before bed.
  7. Adopt the Position. Different people prefer different sleeping positions, some of which are better than others. Try to lie on your back as much as possible in bed, and soon it will become the position you adopt automatically.
  8. Treat Any Aches or Pains. If you go to bed with aches or pains, you’ll find it difficult to sleep well. Treat any sore areas with a heat pad or ointment.
  9. Eliminate Noise. External sleep-disturbing noises are all around us, from city traffic to rural insect chirps. Try playing relaxing music, putting a fan on, or listening to white subtle white noise to block out external sounds.

Tips For Better Sleep – Mind

  1. Switch Off From the Day. Regardless of what went on that day, try to switch it off when you go to bed. If you dwell on issues, you’ll not get a good night’s sleep. Leave worrying about things until the morning.
  2. Pray or Meditate. Going to bed with good and virtuous thoughts will help you relax and sleep well.
  3. Do Something Boring. You know how tired you can feel when you’re doing something boring, don’t you? Try organizing your sock drawer or reading through some instructional manual before dropping off to sleep.
  4. Listen to a Lullaby. Singing a lullaby to a baby works for getting them off to sleep. It is also a better sleep tip for adults. Try listening to some soft music, such as classical or jazz.
  5. Develop a Sleeping Trigger. The connection between mind and body is strong. Having a trigger that tells the mind it’s time to sleep will make you feel tired. This trigger could be putting on your pajamas, dimming the lights, or playing a specific piece of music.


Getting good quality sleep every night is essential to your well-being. Hopefully, adopting these better sleep tips will leave you feeling fresher and more restored when you wake.

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