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Home Sleep Apnea Test

So you determined that you are at risk of having a sleep disorder. Don’t worry, we can help. It’s important for you to get an “official” diagnosis in order for you to get treatment and start feeling better.

A home sleep test is the easiest, most convenient way to find the answers you’re looking for. Everything you need to do a home sleep apnea test is sent directly to your doorstep … no need to leave home.

home sleep tests

Comprehensive Testing

sample home sleep study report
Sample Report – Click to Enlarge

Our home sleep study kit has audio and visual indicators and is easy for patients to wear. The adjustable headband makes it comfortable while maintaining it’s accuracy.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • High Quality Sensors for the most accurate recordings.
  • Up to 3 Nights of Single Patient Testing Capabilities: 3 times the single use consecutive night data capacity compared to single night testing
  • Multiple Data Channels: Collects nine channels of data for a comprehensive, in-depth clinical sleep analysis
  • Easy Airflow Measurements: ARESTM is comfortable to wear for a more natural sleep
  • Highly calibrated microphone records snoring levels.
  • Multi-axis accelerometers allow for a positional analysis. Records the position of your head while you sleep.
  • No finger probes or chest probes give you a more natural nights sleep.
  • Audible Tone: Audio instruction during testing to minimize failure rate.
  • Multiple data points return accurate information to assist in diagnosing sleep disorders.

Fast & Easy Testing

Getting started is fast and easy.

Order your home sleep kit today for just $299.

Check your mailbox for further instructions and for the test order form. Have your doctor complete this form and return it to us via email.

home sleep test
home sleep test We ship your Home Sleep Test directly to your home. Follow the simple instructions and take the single-night test.
Return the equipment to us using the prepaid envelope. We will send the results to you and your doctor within 48-hours of receiving the equipment. home sleep test